The Piave whispered

A river of wine, springing from Borgo Malanotte and flowing softly into the Venetian lagoon.
A land outside of time
In the municipality of Vazzola, the Medieval village of Borgo Malanotte, which was the scene of historic events during the First World War and is now the centre of the eponymous DOCG appellation, is worth a visit. This is the home of the Bonotto family, who have been part of rural life in the eastern flatlands of Veneto for centuries. A visit to the Bonotto farm and winery is almost like going back in time. Within the grounds in the classic local style, we find the barchessa (manor house), the old grain store (now used for drying grapes) and the winery. Among the wide range of wines offered by the Bonottos, their Manzoni Bianco Novalis, Raboso del Piave Potestà and Malanotte del Piave are particularly worth mentioning.

The Doge’s house
We continue until the hamlet of Campo di Pietra in the municipality of Salgareda. Here we find the Ornella Molon winery, a rural complex where the elegant seventeenth-century villa that was once the country seat of Doge Giustinian stands out. As well as the two houses, the winery and the shop selling wine and local specialities, there is also a small museum of country life. The Traverso family, who have been here since the early ’80s, take good care of visitors, providing guided tours, tastings and pairings with the dishes served in the adjacent Osteria Molon. In the relaxed and welcoming atmosphere of the eatery, we enjoy the Piave Malanotte, Rosso di Villa and Passito Bianco di Ornella paired with local dishes.

Between the Livenza and Tagliamento rivers
Next, we head east, towards the Lison zone. Along the road leading to Annone Veneto, we arrive at Corbolone, a small village in the municipality of San Stino di Livenza, where we stop at Tenuta Mosole. The farmhouse stands at the end of a long, tree-lined avenue, surrounded by the typical landscape of the easternmost tip of the Venetian hinterland, the area between the Livenza and Tagliamento rivers, right on the border with the Friuli region. In the Mosole family’s cellar, visitors can taste wines such as Lison Eleo, Rosso Hora Sexta and Passito Ad Nonam, many of which bear images of Venice and its hinterland on the labels.

The vineyards of the Venetian Republic
Our next stop is Pramaggiore, within the oldest growing area in the Lison appellation, denominated Lison Classico. Along the river Loncon, just a stone’s throw from the Ethnographic Museum in the old Belfiore mill, we find the Borgo Stajnbech winery. Founded in the ‘80s by the husband-and-wife team of Giuliano Valent and Adriana Marinatto, the winery stands in the midst of vineyards that were once property of the Republic of Venice. Some wines to try while sitting at the tables in the cosy tasting room with an open hearth include: Lison Classico 150, Sauvignon Bosco della Donna and Stajnbech Bianco Chardonnay.

The lagoon at last
Proceeding towards the coast, we reach our last stop: La Frassina winery. The farm occupies lands that were drained by private initiative in the first half of the 20th century and is located on the edge of a wonderful nature reserve of the Caorle lagoon. The vicinity to the sea can be perceived in the sensory profile of the wines, which are all equipped with a healthy dose of saltiness. In the airy tasting room with large windows, visitors can enjoy their Lison, Chardonnay and Ghebo.
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